Leather Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Black

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A cat harness your cat will adore! Discover the Gatsby leather cat harness and kitten harness. Escape-proof, stylish, and so comfy your cat won't even know it's on... 

  • Handcrafted from the finest genuine leather: Soft & supple to follow your cat's contours, with a natural scent that helps your cat accept their harness with ease. 
  • Fast and fuss-free to put on: Just drop your cat's front paws through the harness and buckle up. There are no straps to squeeze over your cat's head, no loud and scary velcro, and there's only one buckle to fasten.
  • Available in three fully adjustable sizes: Whether you're looking for a kitten harness or a large cat harness, there's a Gatsby for every size of cat. 
  • 100% escape proof: The unique sling design and tailored fit means the Gatsby harness is completely resistant to even the wriggliest of kitty escape artists!
  • Extra strong: Fully lined with Felitech™ low-friction / high strength bonded lining, for a harness that is weight tested up to a whopping 18kg / 40lbs.
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Q: My cat is very wriggly and has escaped from every harness they've ever had! Is the Gatsby harness really escape-proof?

A: As part of the development process for the Gatsby cat harness we recruited a team of cat testers worldwide that we called our ‘Harness Houdinis’ - they were cats who were notorious escapees, that had managed to get out of all of their previous harnesses! With their help we’ve been able to make a harness that tackles all of the main kitty escape methods, including backing out, and to date we’ve never had an escape.

The main thing to ensure is that you pick the right size Gatsby harness and make sure it's a nice snug fit when on (the back straps on the Gatsby tuck in behind a cat’s elbows which prevents them from wriggling out backwards). Just click here to view the size & measuring guide!

Q: Do you make a vegan harness? / Do you use ethical leather?

We are passionate about sourcing ethical materials with the smallest environmental footprint for all of our products. Our collars and harnesses are made from European leather only, which is produced to the very highest welfare, ethical and environmental standards in the world. We use leather in our products because cats love it and it helps to make them happy in their collars and harnesses. But it's also because our cats are carnivores and eat a predominantly meat-based diet - so our ethos is to create a long-lasting and biodegradable product from the by-products of that industry. However, we know that some would prefer not to use any animal products at all, and we are actively working on developing a fully vegan harness. We look forward to announcing more on this soon!

Q: Do you have any advice on how to harness train my cat?

We're always on hand with tailored help and advice to help you get your cat exploring happily in their Gatsby harness! If you're just starting out, we recommend starting with our handy guide to training your cat to walk on a harness and leash: How To Harness Train Your Cat.
If you still have any questions at all, simply drop us an email at hello@supakit.co, tell us a little about where your cat is in their harness training journey, and we'll be delighted to help out!

Q: I have a Chihuahua / small dog - is the Gatsby harness suitable for them? And how do I find the right size?

A: The Gatsby harness is designed for cats but we do know of several small dogs that have fallen in love with the Gatsby! You can measure your dog up as per the size & measuring guide, but just remember that these measurements are for a snug, body-hugging fit. If you'd like your dog to have a looser fitting harness or room to put a jumper on underneath, simply add on a few centimetres or inches to the measurements you've taken. 

Leather cat harness - Gatsby Black
Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Supakit®
Leather Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Black
Leather Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Black
Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Supakit®
Cat Harness - 'The Gatsby' - Supakit®