Cat Harnesses

Your search for the best cat harness ends here! Meet the beautifully crafted 'Gatsby' cat harness - an escape proof cat harness that is easy to put onfits like a glove, and never rubs or twists on your cat's body as they walk. 

Natural materials
Crafted from luxuriously supple natural materials that smell and feel just right to your cat
Single buckle
No loud or scary velcro, just one quick-release buckle - and off you go!
Fully adjustable
Available in three sizes, with adjustable straps front and back for the purrfect fit
Escape proof

Tested on hundreds of harness Houdini cats to be resistant to all forms of escape (including backing out)

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We spent over a year designing every detail of the Gatsby harness to cater to the unique needs of cats, with the help of some amazing cat tester volunteers along the way! They told us about their harness frustrations, like having straps that pulled on their necks, or harnesses made from itchy materials that would slide across their fur disconcertingly. And worst of all - harnesses that they could wriggle out of, even though they were supposed to be escape proof!

It took hundreds of prototypes and lots of kitty feedback (especially from our 'hardcore' group of 'Harness Houdinis'!), but eventually the Gatsby harness was born! Soft, supple, escape-proof - and made specially for cats.